Dance in Scripture

Dance in Scripture

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Dance in Scripture: How Biblical Dancers Can Revolutionize Worship Today examines the dances of seven biblical figures: Miriam, Jephthah's daughter, David, the Shulamite, Judith, Salome, and Jesus. Each figure offers a virtue that has the potential to revolutionize worship today. Yarber combines feminist and queer hermeneutics with dance history to highlight the nuances of the texts that often go unnoticed in biblical scholarship, while also celebrating the myriad ways the body can be affirmed in worship in creative, empowering, and subversive ways. Liberation, lamentation, abandon, passion, subversion, innocence, and community each contribute to the exciting ways embodied worship can be revolutionized. This is a book for those interested in biblical scholarship, dance, the arts, feminist and queer theory, or revolutionizing worship.Here the parallelism a€œdance like a harta€/ a€œsing a joyous songa€ reflects the universal association of song and dance. Kirker is yet another Hebrew word for dance that can be translated as a€œwhirl, pirouette.a€ The verb kirker is twice attested in theanbsp;...

Title:Dance in Scripture
Author:Angela Yarber
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2013-10-16


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