Dance Until You Die

Dance Until You Die

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When Cynthia Romani, the owner of the top independent dance studio in the U.S., dies tragically after being hit by a car, her death appears to be an accident; but it isn't-it's murder. Homicide detective Tony James is assigned the case, but his investigation uncovers more questions than answers and he must utilize all of his resources in search of clues. When another dancer dies, Detective James fears he may be dealing with a serial killer and reluctantly accepts the help of a childhood friend, Sylvia Trent. Sylvia, a teacher at Romani's, becomes his qinsideq source. Unfortunately, she also becomes the killer's newest target. In his race against the clock, Tony seeks assistance from a well-known crime boss, knowing the man has a vested interest in the case. The gentleman agrees to help, but will Tony be able to catch the killer in time to save Sylvia?a€œIa#39;ve been so busy here, doing her work and my own, that I havena#39;t even had a chance to check on her.a€ a€œShea#39;s doing okay ... Even I never realized how much everyone relies on her. ... Thata#39;s where the money is in a dance studio, you know a€”students who are interested in more advanced training. ... a€œOur lessons arena#39;t cheap; and though we believe they are well worth what we charge, ita#39;s a big investment for a student.a€ a€œDo you have enough teachers to handle the overflow of students?

Title:Dance Until You Die
Author:Linda A. Wills
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-06


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