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Who do you run to when everyone is after you? If youthful estate agent Edward Hamilton (Hammy) thought the most he had to worry about was turning up late for work with a raging hangover, then he was very much mistaken. After discovering a staggeringly important piece of lost history, he and his best friend, Ben, are catapulted into a terrifying world of MI5 spies and Russian KGB funded terrorists. Was Churchill's government involved in the death of Polish Prime Minister General Sikorski? Why are British and Russian governments so desperate to get their hands on Hammy's discovery? Dandelion will take the reader on a thought provoking rollercoaster ride through modern times and the much darker days of World War 2. Gavin Hoffen is an estate agent and aviation fanatic. He grew up in Swindon, Wiltshire, England and now lives with his partner, Serena, and Persian cat, Oscar, in nearby South Marston. Dandelion is his first novel. Publisher's website: http: //www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/Dandelion.htmMy attention now very much on the neck of the bottle; I held it closer to the window pulling aside the net curtain to let more daylight through the window. The top and the ... I could just about make out a bird of some variety with outstretched wings, its beaky head pointing ninety degrees to the right. ... Step by step I could see my friend appear from out of the darkness carrying a large wooden crate. Nearlyanbsp;...

Author:Gavin Hoffen
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2010-04


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