Daniel and The Lions Den

Daniel and The Lions Den

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Daniel and the Lions Dena€œ, the true story of an eight hour inmate is a compelling no holds barred story of humorous and disgusting anecdotes written by the author of a€œThe Father The Son and The Railroad Ghosta€ and a€œThe Straw Servanta€œ. Dan Starrett spent twenty-five years in law enforcement and knows first hand what it is like to be in The Lions Den. One of the best ways to face the strain and stress of prison life is to have a cynical sense of humor and a desire to come out of The Lions Den a€œAlivea€ when the long shift is done. I worked closely with Dan and he has made my day go by faster with his wit and humor . I can attest to the contents of this story because I am retired from the DOC. This is life behind bars at its best and worst and can only be described by this man who has a€œbeen there , done thata€. Prison violence goes from mild to unbelievable. The correctional officer does not have the best job in the world and is sometimes caught in the middle of the administration, the inmates and a speculating misinformed public that would keep him/her from doing their job. This story lends credence to a€œDoing your eight and hittina€™ the gate.a€ If graphic sex and violence offends you, please do not read this story. This is reality. Ray McGuire, Yanceyville N.C. N.C. Department of Corrections Ret.When Lefty came back in it took about five minutes of staring at the chalkboard with a confused look on his face trying to figure out what a two finger lip lock was. I heard Ole Lefty say a€œshita€ as he erased my precious lip lock. Someone mustanbsp;...

Title:Daniel and The Lions Den
Author:Dan Starrett
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2007-12-12


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