Danny: The Collection

Danny: The Collection

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This story begins with Prince Kala's usual day. It takes an unusual turn as he is introduced to an enchanted garden and its inhabitant. In his attempt to unravel the mystery, he discovers he isn't the king's child. He has a whole other life as Danny. The other person is the heir, but she's hidden far away from the court. Furious at Kala's discovery, the king turns on him. Now named Ravth, the teen is brought back from death to end the rule of the tyrant king. But after that, what happens? Will it be happily ever after for them? This collection holds book 1-5 of Danny's Story : Roses and Shadows, Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold, Respite at Ambert University, Reality Seems Twisted, and Rallying ThemesA gasp passed Maskaa#39;s lips as the feeling of wetness spread across his upper chest. ... He swatted the orb away then jabbed at the air while directing a spell in return. ... A gasping sound emerged from Mitra Shaktia#39;s lips as his lungs burst.

Title:Danny: The Collection
Author:Kimberly Vogel
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2012-01-12


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