Dare, Dream, Do

Dare, Dream, Do

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Whitney Johnson, popular Harvard Business Review blogger, has a goal: to help us identify and achieve our dreams. Her belief is that we can each achieve greater happiness when focusing both on our dreams and on other people in our lives. In this inspiring book, Johnson directs her attention to teaching women, in particular, a three-step model for personal advancement and happiness. She first encourages us to DARE to boldly step out, to consider disrupting life as we know it. Then she teaches us how to DREAM, to give life to the many possibilities available, whether to start a business, run a marathon, or travel the world. She shows us how to qdateq our dreams (no need to commit!) and how to make space for dreams. Finally, Whitney's model brings out the businesswoman in her; she teaches us to DO, to execute our dreams. She showcases the importance of sharing dreams with others to give them life, creating your own qdream team.q Rich with real stories of women who have dared to dream, Dare, Dream, Do offers a practical framework for making remarkable things happen.My husband assured me, a€œWea#39;ll only stay for a few years, get as much experience as we can, and then wea#39;ll move on. ... I immediately fell inlovewith the charm of asmall community and the open acceptance ofthe town members, yetI foundmyself ... Our first grant was $2, 000 from the Indiana Arts Commission, which coveredhalf the cost of the program. ... expand our arts programs beyond the schools to include the entire town, andsoon the Rural Alliance fortheArts, or RAA, was born.

Title:Dare, Dream, Do
Author:Whitney Johnson
Publisher:Bibliomotion, Inc. - 2012-05-08


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