Dark, Deadly Love

Dark, Deadly Love

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A woman with secrets. A haunted man. A slayer without remorse... Alexandra Watson is too tall, too opinionated, too American. Too everything for London societya€”and for Sir Ross Havenwood. Once she dreamed of being his wife, but when she steps off the ship, orphaned and penniless, ita€™s with the knowledge Ross only feels an obligation to protect her as his ward. Her empathic abilities tell her that the one man she once trusted is haunted by a dangerous edge. That edge intrigues her...and fuels dreams of murder too brutal to share. Rossa€™s life has been a series of missteps. A military career that destroyed his wife. A superficial society he disdains but must endurea€”along with premonitions he must keep to himself. Alexandra is a sweet, bright bloom in his shadowed life and desire for her burns his soul. Yet if he reveals dreams in which he is a killer, even she will think him mad. Then the stubborn Alexandra insists on sheltering a young servant who harbors a deadly secret. A secret that will bring them both face-to-face with a relentless menace whose razor-sharp blade is aimed at their hearts... This book has been previously published. Warning: Beware of finding yourself deeply entrenched in the East End of London in 1888 with a seriously hot aristocrat.Alexandra thought she looked about forty. A small brown hat trimmed with black velvet and an unhappy feather resided on her pile of grimy dark hair. a€œBiggles a#39; ere does morea#39;n beat on women when hea#39;s drunk. He tries to get some twat for free.

Title:Dark, Deadly Love
Author:Denise A. Agnew
Publisher:Samhain Publishing - 2010-07-13


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