Dark Moonlighting 3: Live Free or Dark Moonlighting Hard

Dark Moonlighting 3: Live Free or Dark Moonlighting Hard

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Nick Whittier has made a lot of mistakes over his nearly seven centuries of existence. He has always tried to be a good person, or at least as good as a vampire who has murdered over 30, 000 people can be. He learned about his most monumental screw up after Chuck Krusea€™s stunning revelation at the end of book two. Because of Nicka€™s actions during World War Two, the Nazis have reemerged in the modern era. The most evil vampire who has ever lived is rallying neo-Nazis all over the world as part of a plan for global domination. Nick knows that it is up to him to intervene and end the Nazi threat once and for all. Laura Collins, a sexy Israeli secret agent, shows up out of the blue to offer Nick assistance. The mysterious woman appears to be a powerful ally, but she also has a dark secret. The first stop on their global journey is to recruit Nicka€™s friends from Starside, Illinois to join the fight. Jasmine, Anthony and Lara are essential to the mission, but they also complicate Nicka€™s life. He is still in love with Lara even though she hates him for being a monster. Despite the hardships that he faces, Nick is hopeful that he might be able to change her mind about him. He now has the opportunity to end his thirst for human blood. After centuries of research, he has finally perfected the cure for the vampire virus. Dark Moonlighting 3: Live Free or Dark Moonlighting Hard is the third book in the humorous Dark Moonlighting series. While the previous books have highlighted Nicka€™s careers as a doctor, lawyer, cop and soldier, book three tells of his job as a secret agent. It explores spy clichAcs and pokes fun at popular movies like The Bourne Identity, Jurassic Park and the James Bond films. It also satirizes political stories like The West Wing and Air Force One. The Dark Moonlighting Series: Dark Moonlighting Dark Moonlighting 2: Kruse Control Dark Moonlighting 3: Live Free or Dark Moonlighting Hard Dark Moonlighting 4: The One with the Whales Dark Moonlighting 5: Electric Dark Moonlightingaloo Keywords: vampires, werewolves, dark comedy, humor, satire, american, dark fantasy, dinosaursa€œI didna#39;t know he had children before he was killed. He didna#39;t seem like ... Laura kicked Hitlera#39;s corpse with her shoe. a€œGreat timing ... She turned around as Savage pointed towards the remnants of the mushroom cloud in the distance. a€œ Oh, that.

Title:Dark Moonlighting 3: Live Free or Dark Moonlighting Hard
Author:Scott Haworth
Publisher:Scott Haworth - 2013-11-16


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