Das Wortspiel in der Übersetzung

Das Wortspiel in der Übersetzung

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The author examines wordplay (punning etc.), its linguistic features and the variety of its manifestations largely in terms of the degree to which it can be rendered in translation. The corpus of examples is taken from 8 original works by Stanislaw Lem and their translations into German. It transpires from the analyses that some 40% of the instances of wordplay are translatable from Polish into German. This coefficient differs only slightly from results obtained previously by analyzing the translation of wordplay from English into German and French into German. The annex to the volume is a commentary by Stanislaw Lem on the subject of translating wordplay.Stanislaw Lems Spiele mit dem Wort als Gegenstand interlingualen Transfers Zygmunt Tecza. L-21: Filozofia ... La€”34: Rozprawy i szkice. - KrakApw, 1975. L-35: Sezam. - Warszawa, 1955. L-36: Solaris. Niezivyciezony. - KrakApw, Wroc1awa€š 1986 (a#39;1961, 1964). ... Augarde, Tony (1986): The Oxford Guide to Word Games.

Title:Das Wortspiel in der Übersetzung
Author:Zygmunt Tecza
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 1997-01-01


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