Day of the Phoenix

Day of the Phoenix

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Steve Marshall was ready. This time there would be no mistakes a€“ no-one to derail the plan, and no-one to step outside his ideas for the perfect Britain. Anyone standing in the way of progress would be brutally mown down. Infiltrating the British Democratic Party was the ultimate solution to the establishment of a Fascist state a€“ a state controlled by him and him alone. Robert Grafton, the partya€™s current leader, was going to be the perfect tool in the fulfilment of a dream, and would be just one more stepping stone on a path reaching back as far as the end of the Second World War. Marshall had toiled hard and long at the plan since the debacle of 1992. The Organisation had come within a whisker of success, and but for some strokes of outrageous fortune, MI5 and its head, the imperious George Watkinson, would have been all but consigned to history. This time it would be different. Neal James takes this sequel to a€˜A Ticket to Tewkesburya€™ into a frighteningly possible future. A future built upon the use of the ballot box to further the aims of a radical political society, and where the lessons of history are all too easily forgotten. Book reviews online: PublishedBestsellers website.They made their way back along the hallway and up the narrow stairs. Marks was the last ... Spencer was accustomed to the occasional flights of fancy that his boss was apt to make, and did the bidding without question. The other two ... Stop there and come back down one step, Peter. Now, go again ... There was a quiet, almost imperceptible, squeak as Spencera#39;s foot came down on the carpet. Spenceranbsp;...

Title:Day of the Phoenix
Author:Neal James
Publisher:Pneuma Springs Publishing - 2014-08-07


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