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DYLAN LAWSON IS a typical 13-year-old boy growing up in a small, rural community in the northern Adirondacks of New York; a community that provides a lifestyle rich in outdoor adventure and homespun values. Together with his best friends Brennan and Kennedi, Dylan finds adventure and excitement in what always turns out to be anything but a typical day. But Dylan lives in a different world than everyone else. Dylan is the worlda€™s biggest daydreamer, and he lives his life in both the real world and his dream world. Worlds that often collide, causing struggles and challenges that also provide valuable lessons learned. It begins with a harrowing experience when the boys find themselves lost on Titus Mountain in the midst of the seasona€™s worst snowstorm and ends with the kids taking on the challenge of solving the great murder mystery when they stumble upon a dead body while out kayaking. In between, they become entrepreneurs of a successful start-up business as a result of a school project, compete for the state championship on the schoola€™s hockey team, attempt to win a national contest to bring a superstar singer to perform at the schoola€™s spring dance, confront a terrorist attack at school and become entangled in many more adventures. Dylana€™s daydreaming often causes him to be absent-minded, disengaged and irresponsible, but with the help of his adult mentors, he ultimately uses his vivid imagination to become a real-life hero. Daydreamer is an entertaining and enlightening adventure story with comic book like superhero excitement and unexpected twists as Dylana€™s world moves from reality to fantasy. The action-packed suspense within each story and adventure will keep you riveted and guessing, but is it real or just another Dylan Lawson daydream? This book is dedicated to all my family and friends in hopes that it encourages them to always dream big and to use the power of imagination to find peace, contentment and joy in their lives. JAMES E. DEVOE lives in Rochester, New York with his wife. Both he and his wife were born and raised in northern New York and own summer cottages on Indian Lake. He has two adult children, four grandsons and a yellow lab named Jessi. Plot When Jim Lawson, Dylana€™s father and a sergeant with the New York State Police, is put in charge of investigating a smuggling ring suspected to be running contraband across the U.S. and Canada border on Native American Indian territory, a clash of cultures and economic greed confronts the normally quiet surrounding Adirondack towns. The conflict grows more intense when the young grandson of a tribal chief is kidnapped, followed by the discovery of two mysterious murders. Dylan and his two best friends, Brennan and Kennedi, find themselves in the middle of it all when their own life adventures intersect with the murder mysteries. Theme Dylan Lawson is a typical 13-year-old boy, but he lives in a different world than everyone else. Dylan is the worlda€™s greatest daydreamer and he lives his life in both the real world and his dream world. In his dream world, Dylan lives a comic book super-hero-like life, but his dream world often collides with his real world when his daydreaming leaves him inattentive, absent-minded and irresponsible. Dylan struggles with the conflicts between his two worlds, but with guidance from various mentors, he learns valuable life lessons from every daydream, conflict and adventure. Ultimately, Dylan uses his imagination and dream world to become a real-life hero. Story Lessons a€c Ita€™s not the quantity that counts most in life, ita€™s the quality. Dylan wants it all, but ultimately learns the value of making choices and limitations in his life. a€c Revenge is what you inflict on others, but redemption is what you gain for yourself. Dylan is tempted to get even with an opponent, but learns to seek self redemption rather than revenge against others. a€c Loyalty, friendliness and non-judgmental, unconditional love are key traits to aspire to. Dylan comesa€œWell Dylan, no one has achieved a perfect algebra regenta#39;s score in this school in the last seven years and yet this year we had 4 perfect scores. ... your regenta#39;s test score, which means you fail algebra and will need to take the course over in summer school. ... a€œGood luck Dylan, a€ Kennedi called over to him with a smile.

Author:James E. DeVoe
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-05-07


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