Days of Grace

Days of Grace

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DAYS OF GRACE tells the story of Ian Johns, a bleary and depressed thirty-one-year-old qprofessional student, q who, in the throes of an early-life crisis brought on by his mother's untimely death from cancer, quits law school after surviving the rigors of its proverbially arduous first year to become an itinerant without a plan. With a voice and sensibility that can be likened to Lethem, Sedaris, Coupland and Kerouac, the book is unabashedly picaresque and Neo-Beat, written in a roman a clef and journalistic style which has been described as qmodified stream-of-consciousness.q It is at times dark and bittersweet but is relentlessly tinged with bright-sharp edges of humor. As we go forward with Ian on his travels and go back into the near-past to sit at his mother's deathbed in his childhood home, viewing the world through his admittedly cracked prism, we come away having learned something universal about ourselves, Y2K America and maybe even mortality itself.It takes minutes for me to fix a gaze on to just her. ... I had found comfort on the floor of the communal house, down at the coffee shop. ... a mobile homea€” rows of potted plants around it and a little knee-high white picket fence around the beds at the front door stepsa€” asked me where my RV was and tried to run me off at firstanbsp;...

Title:Days of Grace
Author:Mark Falkin - 2006-01


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