Dead Ascension

Dead Ascension

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Dominic Emerson heads out to work to find that the city around him has completely changed since the night before. A zombie apocalypse has overtaken the nation. In the course of one night, everything has changed for the worst. It is up to Dom and his three brothers to find their friends and family and bring them to safety. As they make their way through the city, zombies attack endlessly. The boys have armed themselves, and they are constantly on guard. One bite or scratch means game over. They have seen the tragic results. Unfortunately, the zombies are not their only concern. In a world run amok, humans have a way of going bad, too. The Emerson brothers are leaders for good. They seek to find safety for themselves and the people they love, but there are others with nothing but evil intent. Now, they must fight zombies and their fellow man as they struggle to stay alive and find a safe haven before they too become victims of the undead.They all wore stern looks as they walked through the double doors and turned left to exit the building. ... Roland went up to the gate to open it for the cars to get through. Alec and Matt entered Maggiea#39;s car and started up the engine. ... Roland took the screwdriver from his back pocket and ran around the edge of the gate.

Title:Dead Ascension
Author:Daniel Poirier
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2014-04-14


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