Dead Men and Broken Hearts

Dead Men and Broken Hearts

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November 1956. The world is in turmoil. While the Suez Crisis and the Hungarian Uprising boil away in the background, Lennox has more immediate concerns, like getting his personal life, and his business, back on track. So, when a woman comes into Lennox's office and hires him to follow her husband, whom she suspects of leading a double life, it seems the perfect case. Straightforward, typical - if a little sordid - and most of all, legal. But as he begins to dig deeper, Lennox realizes that this is no ordinary case of marital infidelity. He finds himself caught by the police in a room with a dead body; pursued by shadowy members of the intelligence community; and once more a target of the Three Kings, the crime bosses who between them run Glasgow's underworld. Lennox must again draw on the violent, war-damaged part of his personality that he has tried to keep buried, in order to survive...a#39;Nice place youhave here, a#39; Isaid amiably when Langa#39;s neighbour came back from her kitchen, tea tray inhand. a#39;Aye ...a#39; she said ... a#39;Do you mind if I ask how much your TV cost you? ... Isaid, and wondered how much ofthe Brave New World around me was on HP terms. a#39;My namea#39;s Lennox, by the way.a#39; a#39;Sylvia ...a#39; she said.

Title:Dead Men and Broken Hearts
Author:Craig Russell
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-06-07


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