Deadly Avenger

Deadly Avenger

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The humble life of Cletus Grange abruptly changes on a quiet Sunday afternoon when Green Bay Homicide Detective Vince London drives him to the city morgue for a positive ID of his daughter, Cindy, twenty-one, whose battered body was found dumped in a cornfield. Within twenty-four hours the suspect is behind bars. The autopsy reveals she had also been drugged and raped. Grange notifies his ex-wife, then disappears immediately following the funeral, his repair shop closed and the house abandoned. With the Wisconsin penal code rejecting capital punishment, Grange has no interest in the trial or the sentence. Not until he is inside the walls himself, face to face with the murderer, will the wheels of true justice begin to turn. A life for a life--and Clete will be the executioner.Black jeans! London returned to 9:58. Red satin--running, flying, in gray boot-cut jeans. Gray jeans; no bagging. ... creating a sequence of single frames--looking, squinting, studying--and seeing a thin streak of yellow around the neck at the ... Why come and go without a jacket but need one to make a quick dash to his truck ?

Title:Deadly Avenger
Author:Jeffrey Lee Shannon - 2009-04-23


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