Deal With This

Deal With This

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Alan Hyatt could do his job in his sleep, and when the Goddard Project sends him to investigate a case of high-tech espionage in the Vancouver film industry, he finds a perfect reason to work in bed. But sizzling actress Jillian Carlyle also happens to be his landlady, and she's got a hard-and-fast (so to speak) rule that keeps her from dating her renters. While Alan's cover as a reporter gets him close to all the suspects on the set of Jillian's sci-fi show, playing a background actor at her suggestion to get his story? Well, that's something else--but he's not about to turn down a red-hot redhead, even if she keeps throwing him curves. . . Jillian just can't understand it. Sure, Alan is six-feet-something of chiseled ruggedness with gray eyes and an irresistible growl in his voice. But hello? She doesn't do relationships--even of the casual kind--with men who impact more than her senses. No one is getting a chance at her heart. Especially not one of her renters. Still, there's nothing wrong with enjoying Alan from afar--but not too far, or she wouldn't be able to fully appreciate his rock-hard abs when he's working out in the home gym. If only he didn't make her feel safe and oh so right when they touched. . .ran through possible scenariosof howto avoid actually ending up asa a€œmeat propa€ onJilliana#39;s show. ... As he sat in front of a mirror, being made up by a chatty young woman with more piercings than the ownerof a tattoo parlor, hehad tofight a grimace at the lack of successof his plan. ... makeup for thefirst time in his life and had pretty much guaranteed he wouldbe usedin thebackground on todaya#39;s shoot.

Title:Deal With This
Author:Lucy Monroe
Publisher:Kensington Publishing Corp. - 2011-05-01


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