Dear TMI-ary: Volume Five

Dear TMI-ary: Volume Five

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The unprecedented real-time chronicling of an unfolding relationship by xoJane editor and former New York Post dating columnist Mandy Stadtmiller that has hit multiple Top 100 lists. a€œI am, if you have not gathered, a very Type A personality. I will not stop. I niggle, I needle, and I will, under whatever circumstances are required, always get what I need to get for a piece of writing. Even editors who have hated my living guts have always marveled at my tenacity, my on-the-spectrum-like ability to finish the fucking job. a€œKnow what isna€™t so good? That same kind of tenacity with people in your personal life.a€ a€” from a€œDear TMI-ary, Vol. 5: Nearly Naked, Nearly Married, Nearly Broken Upa€ Am Ever wonder if a relationship could sustain being written about week-by-week using everyonea€™s real names? Am What happens when the guy being written about in a dating column is actually given the chance to respond? And hea€™s a professional stand-up comic? Am What does sex look and sound like when ita€™s not being censored? Praise for Dear TMI-ary: a€œA real life Carrie Bradshaw.a€ a€“ Jenny McCarthy a€œSimply the coolest person Ia€™ve ever met in the media.a€ a€“ Artie Lange a€œA writer who intentionally defies taboo by chronicling the ups and downs of her relationship in a series called Dear TMI-ary.a€ a€“ Cosmo a€œStadtmiller uses her experiences in both the workplace and dating realm to generate fresh, funny and highly readable material for publications such as the New York Post, Penthouse and xoJane. As a reader, Ia€™m rooting for Stadtmiller as she continues writing the series.a€ a€“ Bustle.comIt hit me like a ton of bricks, and I got that a€œIa#39;m bad, Ia#39;m bad, he doesna#39;t like me when Ia#39;m not gooda€ feeling that makes me flee anyone and any situation. ... We were booked to do Artie Langea#39;s podcast the next day, and as I texted him with various details regarding it, he said that ... the zone of taking someone for granted where they are expected to pretty much just suck up your shitty attitude like a sponge.

Title:Dear TMI-ary: Volume Five
Author:Mandy Stadtmiller
Publisher:Vook - 2015-05-05


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