Dearest Enemy

Dearest Enemy

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Prime Suspecta€b Private Detective Elain Owen's latest assignment was driving her crazy! As she tried to solve the mystery, her list of suspects was getting longera€”and kookiera€”by the second. How could she build a case against a mischievous ghost and a cat who fancied fifteen-year-old whiskey? Of course, there was sexy Math Powys, too. As the owner of the torched hotel, he was her prime suspect. Yet her heart told her he couldn't be guilty, especially when just one look from him made her burn with a desire unlike anything she'd ever experienceda€b.suddenly squatted down, his hind legs spread, and sniffed at the burning carpet. Then, as if making up his ... A high, pungent odour spiralled up from the burna€”a mixture of smouldering wool, burning dust and cooked doga#39;s urine. They were all ... a€œAnd to think we thought hea#39;d lost his sense of smell!a€ a€œBut what happened?

Title:Dearest Enemy
Author:Alexandra Sellers
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-07-16


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