"Dearest Georg": Love, Literature, and Power in Dark Times

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In 1934, Veza Taubner and Elias Canetti were married in Vienna. Elias describes the arrangement to his brother Georges as a a€œfunctionala€ marriage. Meanwhile, an intense intellectual love affair develops between Veza and Georges, a young doctor suffering fromtuberculosis. Four years later, Veza and Elias flee Nazi-ruled Vienna to London, where they lead an impoverished and extremely complicated marital life in exile. Spanning the major part of Eliasa€™s struggle for literary recognition, from 1933, before the publication of his novel, Auto-da-FAc, to 1959, when he finished his monumental Crowds and Power, the Canetti letters provide an intimate look at these formative years through the prism of a veritable love triangle: the newly married Elias has a string of lovers; his wife, Veza, is hopelessly in love with an idealized image of his youngest brother, Georges; and Georges is drawn to good looking men as well as to his motherly sister-in-law. Independently and often secretly, the couple communicates with Georges, who lives in Paris: Veza tells of Eliasa€™s amorous escapades and bouts of madness, Elias complains about Vezaa€™s poor nerves and depression. Each of them worries about Georgesa€™s healtha€“if she could, Veza would kiss away the germs. Georges is an infrequent correspondent, but he diligently stores away the letters from his brother and sister-in-law. In 2003, long after his death, they were accidentally discovered in a Paris basement and comprise not only a moving and insightful document, but real literature. From the Hardcover edition.He said the publisher was too unknown! I yelled at him: Make them famous! The famous publisher Knopf did nothing for him because it didna#39;t need to champion his book. If something doesna#39;t sell, they have a hundred other things that will.

Title:"Dearest Georg": Love, Literature, and Power in Dark Times
Author:Veza & Elias Canetti
Publisher:Other Press, LLC - 2010-02-02


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