Death at Clover High

Death at Clover High

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Death at Clover High is an equally mind-blowing and educational fiction about a high schoola€™s baffling death and the studenta€™s brain-busting algebra class... In this proficiently written self-contained book, Horwitz will take the readers to two differenta€”but solidly connecteda€”situations. A high school student at Clover High is found dead in the lavatory, with her head thrown back, mouth open, and eyes looking completely blank. The situation elicits questions and confusion, and leads few other students to investigate. While the mysterious death continues to infuse anxiety and puzzlement among the students, the Algebra class is also facing its own numerical battle. Each meeting presents increasingly complicated algebra problemsa€”from signed numbers and absolute values to equations and variables to linear equations, inequalities, and to quadratic equationsa€”that appraise each studenta€™s intelligence. How algebra relates in analyzing and solving the murder mystery is quite surprising.a€œOh, thank you. Thata#39;s very kind. But I found someone at work to do that for me. There wasna#39;t anything very interesting. I guess Wandaa#39;s French was a ... Wanda died of an overdose of a combination of Valium and Vicodin.a€ a€œBut she didna#39;t take anbsp;...

Title:Death at Clover High
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-11-14


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