Death by an Invisible Hand

Death by an Invisible Hand

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After a stint as an officer in Marine Corps intelligence, Jorge Sanchez hoped to lead a normal civilian life in his new home in Washington, D.C. But a new friend, a professor at a nearby university, desperately needs his help. Someone is stalking Van Rhodes and threatening his life. Van is confused, angry, and scared. Hea€™s under siege wherever he turns and doesna€™t know why. While Jorge attempts to uncover Vana€™s murderous pursuer, he stops a mugging near his home. His quick actions, which rescue a homeless man, may also provide a way to save Vana€™s life.Those thunderclouds are sweeping in fast. Ia#39;ll be quick. Take a long hot shower tonight to get the kinks out of your muscles so that starting tomorrow, you can do at least ten more jumping jacks, situps, and pushups per day, and can increase your jogging by at least half a mile. a€œAnd how big is ... Ita#39;s not exactly high tech equipment, but ita#39;ll serve the purpose. I want that ... he prayed. Go with God. CHAPTER 23 a€œMichele?a€ Jorge called into the house a minute Death by an Invisible Hand 105.

Title:Death by an Invisible Hand
Author:C. Romero
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-04-01


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