Death on the Lizard

Death on the Lizard

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Two apparently accidental deaths at the Marconi telegraph station. The drowning of a local girl. Two cases that involve Charles, Lord Sheridan, and his wife, Kate, in foreign espionage, malicious intrigue, and inexplicable messages sent out of the blue.That might have been true once, but no longer. Therea#39;s too much money involved . Ita#39;s become a dog-eat-dog business. Thata#39;s why we cana#39;t use the police. Thata#39;s why wea#39;re asking you to find out whoa#39;s behind this, and stop them. Will you do it?

Title:Death on the Lizard
Author:Robin Paige
Publisher:Penguin - 2007-07-03


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