Death Squad

Death Squad

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A bounty on his head, the Executioner takes his war to a new front When Mafia pressure destroyed his family, sniper Mack Bolan declared war on organized crime. The Battle of Pittsfield left dozens of mobsters dead, but that was only the beginning. Hunted by the police, the FBI, and every hood in America, Mack plans his next attack. In Los Angeles he crashes a swingera€™s party and finds his old army buddy George Zitka tied to a chair, being tortured by a few Mafia heavies. Seconds later they are dead, and Mack and Zit are talking about getting the old gang back together. Ita€™s time to form a death squad. Bolan wants sharpshooters and scouts, demo experts and hard-core killersa€”ten soldiers forged in the fires of Vietnam. With them he will escalate the war against the Mafia as the Death Squad lives up to its name.When he hits, he hits with thunder and lightning. ... He cana#39;t do anything like that from a half a mile away. ... a€œYeah, okay, take his boys too. ... Ita#39;s about time to start. Go on, now, get those boys spread around. ... Deadeye Washington was lying prone in a shallow trough, a clump of umbrella trees to his rear, the long rifleanbsp;...

Title:Death Squad
Author:Don Pendleton
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-12-16


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