Decorated to Death

Decorated to Death

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Simon Kirby-Jones Mysteries #3 From the New York Times bestselling author of the Cat in the Stacks Mystery Series, a traditional British village cozy mystery series...with a twist! a€œA well-crafted mystery combines with whimsical characters to create an imaginative spoof on the classic locked-room mystery.a€ a€”Publishers Weekly a€œA delightful English village whodunit filled with some of the most eccentric characters youa€™ll ever run across in a mystery novel.a€ a€”The Denver Post The typically quiet British village of Snupperton Mumsley is bustling over the arrival of Zeke Harwood, the insufferable star of a popular TV decorating show. The Snupperton episode is supposed to feature the redecorating of Lady Prunella Blitheringtona€™s drawing room, but Zeke plans to paint the room a garish reda€”and he and Lady Prunella are caught on tape in the midst of a dreadful argument. When Zeke is found murdereda€”and covered in red paint!a€”Lady Prunella becomes the chief suspect. But Simon Kirby-Jones, part-time amateur sleuth and full-time gay vampire, unearths plenty of other motives among the guests, villagers...and even the butler! Meanwhile, Simon is stumped as to why he suddenly has urges to nibble some necksa€” A symptom his medication is supposed to suppress! A charming and refreshing take on the classic locked-room mystery, Decorated to Death is sure to endear fans of the cozy mystery genre.a€œI should have known youa#39;d respond like this. Just forget I ever came here, will you?a€ I placed a restraining ... But then a scowl spread over his face as he figured it out. a€œThat bloody ... Instead, he reached for the humidor again, opened it, and took a moment to select a cigar. His choice made ... Once he had the cigar burning to his satisfaction, he exhaled a long plume of smoke into the air. a€œVery nice, a€ heanbsp;...

Title:Decorated to Death
Author:Dean James
Publisher:NYLA - 2004-04-01


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