Deep New Zealand

Deep New Zealand

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The deep sea is home to millions of species, most of them yet undiscovered. It hosts a level of biodiversity that rivals that of lush tropical rainforests. Mostly unexplored, the deep sea is perhaps the last true biological frontier. Deep New Zealand is the first book to explore life in the many deep-ocean habitats that surround this island nation. Its scope is considerable, for the sea within New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone covers an area ten times the size of France, and most of it is deep ocean. This vast but little-known realm is home to some of the most fantastical creatures that have ever lived - ; bus-sized squids, elegant swimming sea cucumbers, and gargoyle-like fishes festooned with dagger-like teeth and glowing lights, to name just a few. This book surveys these organisms, their dramatic ocean floor habitats, and the entire water column that lies above them. Engagingly written and beautifully illustrated, Deep New Zealand is a qmust haveq addition to any New Zealand nature-lover's collection.Juvenile warty squid live near the surface, while the adults live near the bottom, in waters between 300 metres and several kilometres deep ... devouring up to a hundred fish during a single feeding session - more than 10 per cent of the body weight per day. ... Rarely seen alive, they are creatures of great beauty, spending much of their time hanging motionless in the water column ... GEORGE MATSUMOTO, MRARI* STEVE O SHEA, NIWA The vampire squid Vampyroteuthts inf ernails.

Title:Deep New Zealand
Author:Peter Batson
Publisher:Virago Press - 2003


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