Deep Preaching

Deep Preaching

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J. Kent Edwards recalls a story that late pastor J. Vernon McGee told about seeing children in South Africa playing a game of marbles in the dust with real diamonds. The precious stones were being handled with no regard for their true worth. Edwards fears the same thing happens today when preachers offer Scriptural truth to listeners without being completely overwhelmed by its greatness themselves in the process. Deep Preaching is his call to qrethinkq preaching. Edwards helps preachers learn to preach the word in ways that will powerfully change the lives of hearers. He contends that sermons qneed not settle comfortably on the lives of the listeners like dust on a coffee table.q He encourages preachers to join him in casting off the lines that moor their ministries to the status-quo and make every effort to steer their preaching out of the qcomfortable shallows.q He urges them to preach deep sermons rather than superficial ones, moving qbeyond the yawn-inspiring to the awe-inspiring, from the trite to the transforming.qFasting does for the people of God what a nitrous system can do for the car in your driveway. If you were to install a nitrous oxide system to your commuter car, you could increase its horsepower by 50, 75, or even a ... We ask God to give a supernatural jolt to our ministries and to intervene in breathtaking ways so that we will succeed when we would normally fail. ... How much difference does He make?

Title:Deep Preaching
Author:J. Kent Edwards
Publisher:B&H Publishing Group - 2009-08-01


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