Defeating the hacker

Defeating the hacker

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The current struggle between IT security and computer hackers is reaching crisis point. Corporate dependency on computers and the Internet as well as the rapid spread of broadband into more households has resulted in a feeding ground for hackers around the world. Estimated damage costs are now making their way into the billions. The need for some good advice is long overdue. Robert Schifreen, a self-confessed ex-hacker, made history in 1985 when he became the first person in the world to face a jury trial in connection with computer hacking. His subsequent acquittal in the High Court led to a change in UK Law and the introduction of the Computer Misuse Act 1990. His 20 years experience in IT security now lends itself to global radio and TV broadcasts, as well as appearances at conferences and lectures around the world. Keeping your companya€™s computers free from hackers, viruses, spammers, phishing attacks, social engineers and all the other things that can result in loss of data is a difficult job. Defeating the Hacker is a book about how to protect your computer systems becoming another victim of the hacker. Ita€™s an instant primer into all the things that can go wrong, with advice on how to stop it happening or, if ita€™s too late, how to fix the damage. Presents unique, UK based, insider information on hacking and security from someone who has operated on both sides of the divide Develops a populist seam within a hot IT area: security Shows readers how and why hacking is made possible, whilst suggesting ways to avoid being a victim of it Written in a dynamic, conversational, yet knowledgeable, style Filled with information and anecdotal evidence aimed at IT professionals and those with a more general interest Defeating the Hacker allows the reader to learn how to protect their computer systems with advice from someone who knows how to break into them.Unlike viruses, spyware and adware dona#39;t corrupt or otherwise alter any files on the hard disk, so removing spyware ... This is just a case of ticking a box during installation, or manually clicking on the Update Now button before initiating a scan.

Title:Defeating the hacker
Author:Robert Schifreen
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc - 2006


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