Delights and Prejudices

Delights and Prejudices

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A richly evocative memoir from the man whom the New York Times dubbed the a€œdean of American cookery, a€ recalling the flavors of his past In this delightful culinary journey, James Beard takes us back to the earliest days of his childhood when he started developing his precocious palate and lifelong a€œtaste memoriesa€a€”the ability to savor and remember the tastes and sensations of food. His enthusiasm for flavors, no matter how bold, would define Beard for the rest of his life. From devouring a raw onion as an infant to scouring the globe in search of local flavors as an adult, Delights and Prejudices is full of witty and illuminating stories that open a door into the world of one of Americaa€™s first and perhaps greatest epicures. Packed with more than one hundred fifty recipes, including corn chili soufflAc, fried oysters, and peach preserves, this very personal account of his life is as close to an autobiography as Beard ever penned. For those who love to cook or simply love to eat, there remains no better teacher than James Beard.Nowadays they are as scarce as white caviar and nearly as expensive, if you can get them at all. ... The poached salmon was usually accompanied by an egg sauce or a parsley sauce; the baked was done with onions, tomatoes in season, peppers and a few rashers of bacon, all of which were ... Stir in 1 cup heavy cream mixed with 2 egg yolks and stir until the mixture thickens slightlya€”do not let it boil!

Title:Delights and Prejudices
Author:James Beard
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-03-03


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