Democracy and the New Religious Pluralism

Democracy and the New Religious Pluralism

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Religious pluralism is everywhere in today's politics. Increased immigration flows, the collapse of communism, and the globalization of communications technologies have all fostered a wider variety of religious beliefs, practices, and organizations within and across democratic societies. This is true in both the United States and Europe, where growing and diverse minority communities are transforming the political landscape. As a result, controversies over such things as headscarves and depictions of Mohammed are unsettling a largely secular Europe, while a Christian majority in the US faces familiar questions about church-state relations amidst unprecedented religious diversity. Far from receding into the background, religious language pervades arguments around established issues such as abortion and capital punishment, and new ones such as stem cell research and same-sex marriage. In Democracy and the New Religious Pluralism, leading scholars from multiple disciplines explore these dynamics and their implications for democratic theory and practice. What are the contours of this new religious pluralism? What are its implications for the theory and practice of democracy? Does increasing religious pluralism erode the cultural and social foundations of democracy? To what extent do different religious communities embrace similar -- or at least compatible -- ethical and political commitments? By seeking answers to these questions and revealing religious pluralism as both a source of animosity and a potent force for peaceful engagement, this book offers a revealing look at the future of religion in democratic societies.As Hillary Clinton put it on that Eid day in 1996: a€œThis celebration is an American event. ... Nanak, he said: a€œReligious pluralism in our nation is bringing us together in new and powerful ways. ... Two of the most significant symbolic issues in the battle are the Pledge of Allegiance and the Ten Commandments. ... failed before the Supreme Court in 2004 for reasons that had to do with Michael Newdowa#39;s standing in bringing the case.39 What may be most interesting from the standpoint ofanbsp;...

Title:Democracy and the New Religious Pluralism
Author:Thomas Banchoff
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2007-05-02


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