Deprivational Mean

Deprivational Mean

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Ten years ita€™s been since Roy and Amanda were in college. Upon reintroducing themselves years later, Roy and Amanda took completely opposite paths to get where they are. One with eye burning long hours of work and the other with a surplus to enjoy everything life has to offer. Is Roy and Amanda destined in the pick of the litter? The one aspect in common between Amandaa€™s lifestyle in the higher class of society and Roya€™s lower class deprivation is a life of purpose and money. This story of two people having different set backs and opportunities after college will create a surprising low and high volatile ride.says Amanda. a€œTwenty-five grand would be below our means on this one.a€ says Sam climbing into the new 1999 Chevy Trailblazer. At Merka#39;s Mercury dealership, Merk shows the new 2000 Mercury car model. a€œNice car, take care of it and it will anbsp;...

Title:Deprivational Mean
Author:Cory Perala
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-05-09


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