Designing from Both Sides of the Screen

Designing from Both Sides of the Screen

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Design and build better software by understanding the motivations of your collaborators. Illustrates in a step-by-step manner the design processes and presents a practical, hands-on approach to the real world process of designing a user interface (UI). Offers clear principles and a proven design philosophy, which are easily incorporated into diverse design problems. Includes a metric to measure how well a design is enabling qflowq, a concept described in the book. This book not only offers a sound and proven philosophy for designing and building software, it explores the dialog between designer and software engineer, and offers insights which when applied will facilitate a higher degree of collaboration between them. With a minimal understanding of the values and motivations of one another, these people are often team members standing in adversarial relation to each other. The authors provide background, model effective thought processes and dialogs, and give the readers clear, concrete principles and examples for design considerations. This book is written for both software engineers and designers and illustrates a process which they can use to dramatically increase the quality of both product and process. Ellen Isaacs has been designing software user interfaces for over 11 years at such companies as Sun Microsystems, Excite@Home, ATaT and Electric Communities (now She has designed applications for a variety of platforms including Windows, OpenWindows, the Web, and Palm OS. Alan Walendowski has been a software engineer working in the trenches for over 15 years. He has worked for companies such as Sun Microsystems, 3DFX, ATaT, IBM, and ComputerVision. Walendowski has worked on device drivers, graphics engines, systems software, distributed systems, client-server systems, and user interfaces.How Designers and Engineers Can Collaborate to Build Cooperative Technology Ellen Isaacs, Alan Walendowski. We spent a lot of ... Where. They. Put. Things. Many applications have a notion of Preferences that let you customize some aspect of the user interface. ... But many applications forget which tab you were looking at the next time you go back to that window/screen/ Web page. Other times youanbsp;...

Title:Designing from Both Sides of the Screen
Author:Ellen Isaacs, Alan Walendowski
Publisher:Sams Publishing - 2002-01


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