Design—Operation Interactions at Large Treatment Plants

Design—Operation Interactions at Large Treatment Plants

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Design-Operation Interactions at Large Treatment Plants deals with the different plans and designs to improve large treatment plans, the feasibility of these plans, the problems they might entail, and the solutions for current and prospective problems these treatment plants may face. The book shows the possible new directions that treatment plants may go to through assessment, planning, and new technology, as well as the the design for the treatment plants and the many considerations to be kept in mind in designing of one. Also included is an instructional guide on the functions an importance of the different parts of the treatment plant, the specific problems and their solutions, and improvements that can be done to it. The text is recommended for engineers and planners working in treatment plants, those in charge of sanitation and urban development and improvement, government agencies who wish to evaluate and even propose plans of building a treatment plant, and environmentalists who wish to know more about the treatment plant.The desired range of dissolved oxygen could vary from 0.5 to 3 mg 17aquot; in the mixed liquor and above a minimum of 6 mg ... Three alternative locations for dissolved oxygen monitoring were provided at the third points of aeration tank. ... The cost of providing dissolved oxygen control is approximately $5000 for the sensor, amplifier, transducer, controller, and positioner. ... Ywaste - E -alt;-- D. O. ANALYZER D. O. Dissolved Oxygen Control of Activated Sludge Aeration 443 MECHANICALanbsp;...

Title:Design—Operation Interactions at Large Treatment Plants
Author:S. H. Jenkins
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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