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Can we find a life filled with passion, without being overwhelmed by it? In this groundbreaking book, John Eldredge invites readers to acknowledge the significance of desire, abandon resignation, and embark on an adventure he calls a€œour hearta€™s most important journey.a€ Eldredge writes, a€œThere is a secret set within each of our hearts. It is the desire for life as it was meant to be.a€ Yet how do we uncover our desires and learn to decipher them? As Eldredge says, a€œWe all share the same dilemmaa€”we long for life and wea€™re not sure where to find it. We wonder if we ever do find it, can we make it last? . . . We must journey to find the life we prize. And the guide we have been given is the desire set deep within, the desire we often overlook or mistake for something else or even choose to ignore. The greatest human tragedy is to give up the search.a€ Many good people have been told that the path to a holy life requires us to kill our heartsa€™ desires. And call it sanctification. But in this re-release of one of Eldredgea€™s most inspiring works, we discover that God is the author of our deepest desires. He has given us desire, and he loves to fulfill our heartsa€™ desires. For as the Psalms declare, a€œDelight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your hearta€ (37:4). God is calling to you through the desires of your heart. How you respond will set the course for the rest of your life. a€œ[Desire] is a profound and winsome call to walk into the heart of God and hear Him sing to your soul about His love. In a world of frenzy and clamor about desire, we often miss the ache that lifts our face to look into His eyes. This book will stir your heart and invite you to know the one desire that captures all passion for His purpose. Drink in this work, and your life will not be the same.a€ Dan Allender, Author, The Healing Path... but I dona#39;t do that anymore.a€ What good would a book of exceptions do you? Thata#39;s like giving you the ownera#39;s manual for a Dodge, even though you drive a Mitsubishi. No, the Bible is a book of examples of what it looks like to walk with God.

Author:John Eldredge
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2007-10-14


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