Desk Encyclopedia of Microbiology

Desk Encyclopedia of Microbiology

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The Desk Encyclopedia of Microbiology, Second Edition is a single-volume comprehensive guide to microbiology for the advanced reader. Derived from the six volume e-only Encyclopedia of Microbiology, Third Edition, it bridges the gap between introductory texts and specialized reviews. Covering topics ranging from the basic science of microbiology to the current qhotq topics in the field, it will be invaluable for obtaining background information on a broad range of microbiological topics, preparing lectures and preparing grant applications and reports. * The most comprehensive single-volume source providing an overview of microbiology to non-specialists * Bridges the gap between introductory texts and specialized reviews. * Provides concise and general overviews of important topics within the field making it a helpful resource when preparing for lectures, writing reports, or drafting grant applicationsEAL domain Conserved protein domain with c-di-GMP-specific phosphodiesterase activity, named after its conserved ... IIB HPt histidine phosphotransfer HTH helix-turn-helix InterPro Integrated database of protein families, domains andanbsp;...

Title:Desk Encyclopedia of Microbiology
Author:Moselio Schaechter
Publisher:Academic Press - 2010-04-19


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