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In the post cold war era of nuclear proliferation and terrorism, when the threat of nuclear annihilation is closer than it has ever been, conspiracies abound. This is a tale of one of them. In an atmosphere permeated by sex and violence, lovers try to navigate dangerous rapids in their search for fulfillment. Unfortunately for them, the time is out of joint. So, watch the deceptions, watch the betrayals and wonder whether love can endure when tested by circumstance. The story opens with Stanley Pollard, a writer for a small magazine, coming to understand the peril posed by nuclear weapons in the modern world. Apparently by chance, he becomes involved in what he imagines is a conspiracy against America. Still a vital and virile man, he loves not only his chosen career but also his brilliant and sexy girlfriend, Catherine Buis. They travel and indulge their desires as lovers do. However, all is not as it should be. Stanley is hounded by menacing signs. Violent assassinations seem to follow him and he falls upon a code indicating that an attack is about to take place. Is it all real? What should he do? The plot takes us to New York, Paris, Mont Tremblant and a bunker in New Mexico, evolving toward the inevitable end fate has prepared.... turning north. Ia#39;m hungry, he thinks, very hungry. Foregoing the diner on his way, he goes straight for Starbucks. There he orders a large mocha latte with an extra shot, and a breakfast sandwich of bacon, egg and cheese on a whole wheat English muffin, On second thought, he reconsiders, make it three sandwiches.

Author:Mel Month
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-01


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