Developing Quality Metadata

Developing Quality Metadata

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With the explosion of new audio and video content on the Web, it's more important than ever to use accurate and comprehensive metadata to get the most out of that content. Developing Quality Metadata is an advanced user guide that will help you improve your metadata by making it accurate and coherent with your own solutions. This book is designed to get you thinking about solving problems in a proactive and productive way by including practical descriptions of powerful programming tools and user techniques using several programming languages. For example, you can use shell scripting as part of the graphic arts and media production process, or you can use a popular spreadsheet application to drive your workflow. The concepts explored in this book are framed within the context of a multimedia professional working on the Web or in broadcasting, but they are relevant to anyone responsible for a growing library of content, be it audio-visual, text, or financial.Formats. Document. Conversion. We often think of converting image and video files from one format to another. ... The POI project includes APIs for manipulating Microsoft OLE 2 Compound Document format files using pure Java. This interface can read and write MS Office (Excel, Word, etc.) files without having to resort toanbsp;...

Title:Developing Quality Metadata
Author:Cliff Wootton
Publisher:CRC Press - 2009-10-16


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