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A six volume collection of selected contributions on development and related issues such as growth, modernism, ecology, industrialization, democracy, civil society, religions and ethnicity, dating from 1916 to 1998. The collection contains journal articles, reviews and excerpts from books. The volumes are organized under the following subject headings: Volume I: Doctrines of Development: The Invention of Development, The Age of High Modernism: Development as Mimicry, Growth, Development and Welfare, The Development of Underdevelopment, The Counter-Revolution in Development Theory and Policy, Feminism and Development, Post-Colonialism and Post-Development, A New Mainstream? Asymmetric Information, Intitutions and Social Capital. Volume II: The Great Transformation (Part One): The Agrarian Question: Food, Famine, Peasant and Farmers, Political Ecology: Science, Agribusiness and the Environment, The Countryside and the City, Merchants, Markets and Workers. Volume III: TheGreat Transformation (Part Two): The Political Economy of Industrialization, The Global Political Economy I: Trade and Aid, The Global Political Economy II: Money Power and Space. Volume IV: States, Politics andCivil Society: Passive Revolutions, Development States, Soldier States, Violent States, Governance and Democracy, Corruption, Franchised States, NGOs, States, Citizens and Civil Society, Resistance. Volume V: Identities, Representations, Alternatives: Religions, (Re-)presentations, Cities, Consumption, Alternatives. Volume VI: Challenges for Development: Capabilities, Ethics, Sustainability, Regulation.This was followed by a second shock devaluation to Cedi 90 to the dollar in January 1986, and a third, following the movement to a foreign ... in 1985 which were suspended in December 1986, with a return in May 1987 to a pegged rate of 8 Kwacha to the US dollar. ... to manipulate, since unlike, for example, taxation or agricultural prices it can be altered by any desired magnitude by a few people in theanbsp;...

Author:Stuart Corbridge
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2000


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