Devil's Angels

Devil's Angels

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Young dysfunctional boy becomes an Insane Government Scientist before he is terminateda€™ he then is accepted into the Military but do being unable to adapta€™ he is mentally discharge into a Society that is not ready for the Terrifying Horror that lives in the mind of Human-Isolation. He searches for a never-ending journey of terror that leads Law Enforcements into never ending pathways of unsolved Murders from Coast to Coast along with neighboring countries. Mystical heart stopping thriller with none stop action of War Death Betrayal in a time zone of Criminal Violence inexplicable attacks of rising unsolved questions of a notorious Predictor of Predictors when Families have no choice but to depend on each other for mere survival. The once most power Country in the World is at war with an uncontrollable Disease that rises from the Pits of Hell upon Humankind only the power of Goda€™ Prayer and Hope while living in a World that the Gates of Revelation has been Open.I could do nothing but listen and say thanks for looking out Pvt. he could have handle it different by speaking loudly but I ... someone in the rear was praying to God like if the world was ending this very minute but I didna#39;t know much Spanish.

Title:Devil's Angels
Author:Sgt. Pope Wayne Anthany Sr.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-07-17


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