Devils' Tag

Devils' Tag

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Have you ever found yourself contemplating something you wouldn't admit to anyone? Do thoughts sometimes enter your mind that seem to be not your own? Do you want to ignore them? Can you ignore them? No, really, deep down, have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do absolutely anything to get it: As long as nobody saw you do it? Who are you when nobody is looking? Are there forces outside of you, bigger than you are, more powerful, too powerful to ignore? Or are you the master of your own fate? In this coming of age story, Tommy Flack encounters not only his own greed and disillusionment, he also encounters a familiar Princess, a body morphing dog, piranhas, giant first graders, the Gabbernaught, drivable tornadoes, flowing volcanos, falling helicopters, racing horses, Sigmund Freud selling hot dogs, dancing pirates, slavery, his long-lost father, tap shoes, Unicorn Boy, the Freedom Riders, Anne Frank, Adolph Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, and Pablo Neruda on a journey to eliminate or become New Evil. Consider it a game of Devils' Tag. Are you it?With a twist and push and then a yank, Tommya#39;s own personal, implanted fishhook slid out of his mouth. he watched as she ... removed it from the clear fishing line and carefully put it away into what looked like the sewing kit his mother kept in her ... Tommy wondered if Doga#39;s gum tasted like watermelon tooa€” or dog biscuit?

Title:Devils' Tag
Author:John Schaeffer
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-01-13


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