Diamonds on a River of Tears

Diamonds on a River of Tears

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In this stunning work of historical fiction, LR Penn has concocted a breathtaking epic adventure that begins in 1890 in a small Zulu village in South Africa but spans three centuries and two continents. It is also a personal memoir that tells the story of a family torn apart by a racist totalitarian regime. The book examines a series of powerful conflicts: the cultural clash between ancient ethnic traditions and encroaching Western values; the political battle between the underground resistance movement and the repressive military strength of a modern nation state; and stirring personal conflicts, as illustrated by the impossibly difficult choices that the novel's heroes are forced to make - between the quest for liberation and the pursuit of love, between a family's security and a people's freedom. Diamonds on a River of Tears presents an in depth portrait of day-to-day life in a society altogether out of balance, playfully juxtaposing its comic absurdities and tragic injustices, but ultimately handing down a moral indictment that all of contemporary civilization will have to face.out and weaved our way up the incline to the clearing where they stood. ... It was constructed almost entirely of cardboard, canvas, and Styrofoam, with flaps for windows and a small crawl hole for the door. ... She said that everyone, including the gentleman whose house I had broken into, was up at the party, and I could indeed make out the sound of a radio ... passing around a bucket of beer, some people dancing to mqaamba coming from a boombox tuned to the state radio station, anbsp;...

Title:Diamonds on a River of Tears
Author:Lr Penn
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-10


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