Diary of a Barking Mad Dog Owner

Diary of a Barking Mad Dog Owner

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Due to his obsession with hedgehogs, Mr Mac was lead walked in the garden first thing in the morning before the sun was quite up and as soon as it was dusk when hedgehogs are likely to be around searching for food. Thus, you can imagine how mad I was when I arrived home from work on Friday, drove toward my gate and saw this half flat, brown, spiky lump in the middle of the road. qArrrgggghhhh!q I shouted at it, qyou stupid, stupid hedgehog!q I parked my car in the drive and stomped back up the road. I was still shaking my head and ranting, qHow could you be so stupid? After my efforts to keep you safe all summer and you go and run out in front of a car in broad daylight.q I reached the little spiky brown lump and stared at it as if I was hoping for an answer to my questions about its stupidity. Then a big smile spread across my face and I looked round sheepishly hoping that no one had witnessed or heard my outburst. The little spiky brown lump was left on the road by a horse.This encouraged Mahri to make a lot of squeaking noises, so we tied Elle to Lena#39;s chair to make sure she didna#39;t escalate things. ... She was panting a lot and had now discarded all the soft toys, except for one little stripey cat that shea#39;d stolen from the computer room and the turkey, which shea#39;d hidden ... She was actually scanning all flat surfaces for any little stuffed toy that she hadna#39;t already gathered.

Title:Diary of a Barking Mad Dog Owner
Author:Jackie McGuinness
Publisher:M-Y Books Distribution - 2012-11-14


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