Diary of A Dieter

Diary of A Dieter

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Author decided to find a diet that would let him lose at least 50-pounds, shrink his waist to a 34q from a 38q - reduce his Body Mass Index (BMI) from OBESE of 30.98 to nearly perfect at 26. He wanted to get rid of one of his two blood pressure medicines as well. He also wanted to know if there would be any emotional traumas that he would go through...or if he would quit - like so many of us do. The happy answer is that he did all that he set out to do - in 120-days, and it was, qThe easiest diet I have ever been on - one I will stay on for life!q Take the trip through the author's Diary of a Dieter and you, too, can learn how to lose weight and keep it off.TRIGLYCERIDES a€“ The Deadly Fat Herea#39;s what they have to say on another website: www.AmericanHeart.org: Triglycerides in plasma are ... meet the bodya#39;s needs for energy between meals.a€ And...a€How is an excess of triglycerides harmful?

Title:Diary of A Dieter
Author:John Tyler
Publisher:Rookie Authors - 2010-12-02


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