Digging through Time

Digging through Time

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Digging Through Time takes Mac and Maggie Mason on another husband and wife journey through mystery and relationships. The couple, who met in the autumn of their lives, pursues friendships, faith, and some serious sleuthing. Digging Through Time moves from a picturesque island off the coast of Florida to death row at Raiford Maximum Security Prison. Digging Through Time confronts the gentle giant a€œMoosea€ who finally has to reveal some long-held secrets. Digging Through Time shatters the image of the fragile female. Digging Through Time shows how quickly casual moments can become times of life or death decisions. Digging Through Time blends romance and family ties and business decisions and a few quirky characters. The reader needs to keep tissues handy, all the while being prepared to LOL! Enjoy Digging Through Time with Mac and Maggie Mason.Mac and Mags entered the Administration Building and found Pat Jefferson, the CEO of Joseffa Island, at the front desk. ... Eve Thomas, Maca#39;s daughter, recently became engaged to Pat, and Mac and Eve had begun to repair a long-damaged relationship. ... us three days to complete our preparations and get packed.a€ a€œ Houston. Eve says youa#39;ll be there for several weeks.a€ a€œYeah, a€ Digging through time / 7.

Title:Digging through Time
Author:Charles P. Frank
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-01-06


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