Digital Darwinism

Digital Darwinism

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Dona€™t let the rapid evolution of the Internet economy leave your business extinct before its time! Here are the key strategies you need to keep your company alive, growing, and profitable in todaya€™s volatile Web climate. The dramatic boom that took place in the Web economy is over. The glory days when companies with strong ideas and weak business plans could easily get millions to launch their businesses are long gone, and in todaya€™s tougher, more cutthroat economic arena, natural selection is rampant. Companies need to be smarter, faster, more innovative, and more adaptable than ever before just to survive, let alone succeed. In Digital Darwinism, Evan Schwartz provides seven business strategies that can make or break any Web business. In a new preface and updated case studies, Schwartz discusses the dramatic rise and fall of the Web and analyzes the companies that have made it and those that havena€™t, from Priceline to, and spells out step-by-step techniques such as building your brand, remaining flexible as supply and demand fluctuate, and integrating the Web into every part of your business. The perfect source for everyone from novice entrepreneurs to corporate CEOs, Digital Darwinism provides a comprehensive and unflinching look inside the highly competitive world of e-commerce and distills the critical strategies that Web-based businesses need to follow in order to survive in what has become the worlda€™s fastest, and most dangerous, marketplace.Affiliate networks are just the most popular way to bring the age-old practice of word-of-mouth advertising into a new word-of-mouse era. There is no perfectly apt analogy ... Ita#39;s like a pyramid scheme without the pyramid. Or maybe ita#39;s more likeanbsp;...

Title:Digital Darwinism
Author:Evan I. Schwartz
Publisher:Crown Business - 2002-02-19


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