Digital Disciple

Digital Disciple

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This time in our society is unlike any other. People communicate daily without ever having to speak face to face, news breaks around the world in a matter of seconds, and favorite TV shows can be viewed at our convenience. We are, simultaneously, a people of connection and isolation. As Christians, how do we view our faith and personal ministry in this culture?Adam Thomas invites you to explore this question using his unique, personal, and often humorous insight. Thomas notes, qq The Internet] has added a new dimension to our lives; we are physical, emotional, spiritual, and now virtual people. But I believe that God continues to move through every facet of our existence, and that makes us new kinds of followers. We are digital disciples.qqqqI gain renewed hope for the future by looking at a new generation of emerging Christian leaders like Adam Thomas.qqBrian McLaren, author of A New Kind of ChristianityqqDigital Disciple is a new kind of pastor's sermon to a new kind of flock. Go ahead and tweet your friends: GOT 2 READ THIS.qq Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, author, speaker and new monasticqqBright, innovative, perceptive, eloquent, and imaginative -- Adam Thomas is all that and more, as you will see in the pages of his dynamic book.qq James W. Moore, author of How God Takes Our Little a Makes it MuchLike most things in this life, we cana#39;t separate the danger from the opportunity; we can only hope to trend toward the ... now matched the blazing download rate; indeed (and Ia#39;m saying this with only the slightest hyperbole), I could live my wholeanbsp;...

Title:Digital Disciple
Author:Adam Thomas
Publisher:Abingdon Press - 2011-05-01


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