Digital Games

Digital Games

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Digital Games: Literacy in action is the result of a wide-ranging investigation into the educational possibilities involved in young people's games. From their creation in the classroom to analysing games and the world of games as text, academics and teachers are now taking seriously the serious play of young people.In order to meet the aims of our unit, we had to find games with strong narratives that employed archetypal characters and a clear ... archetypal characters, such as Halo, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, HalfLife 2 and Assassina#39;s Creed, were also highly successful. ... The Magician a€“ the Foola#39;s guide on theirjourney, both inner and outer, often via an indirect route. ... The Anima/Animus a€“ the Foola#39;s feminine or masculine nature, often embodied in another, creating a balance of opposites.

Title:Digital Games
Author:Catherine Beavis, Joanne O'Mara, Lisa McNeice
Publisher:Wakefield Press - 2012


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