Digital Restoration from Start to Finish

Digital Restoration from Start to Finish

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Digital Restoration: Start to Finish 2nd edition guides you step-by-step through the entire process of restoring old photographs and repairing new ones using Adobe Photoshop, plug-ins, Picture Window, and now Elements. Nothing is left out, from choosing the right hardware and software and getting the photographs into the computer, to getting the finished photo out of the computer and preserving it for posterity. With this book you will learn how to: ? scan faded and damaged prints and films ? improve snapshots with the Shadow/Highlight adjustment ? correct uneven exposure and do dodging and burning-in with Curves adjustment layers ? scan and recover nearly blank photograph ? fix color with Curves and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers ? fix skin tones with airbrush layers ? hand-tint a photograph easily with masked layers ? fix color with plug-ins ? clean up dust and scratches ? repair small and large cracks with masks and filter ? eliminate tarnish and silvered-out spots from a photograph ? minimize unwanted print surface textures ? erase mildew spots ? eliminate the dots from newspaper photographs ? increase sharpness and fine detail in a photograph * NEW Workflow Diagram * NEW DODGE/BURN WITH SOFT LIGHT LAYER * NEW Photoshop Elements and plug insmany photographers run into these RAM limits onolder systems andbe confused by the erraticand peculiar behaviorof their computers. ... What canwe do to improve things when Photoshop has to go to the hard drive, as it inevitably will? ... Icut my times for memory-intensive Photoshop operations on my MacBook Pro 25 Ay30%byinstalling thefastest harddriveI ... Your computer isneverdoing just one thing.

Title:Digital Restoration from Start to Finish
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2013-04-26


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