Digital Video Editing with Final Cut Express

Digital Video Editing with Final Cut Express

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Suitable for those new to nonlinear editing as well as experienced editors new to Final Cut Express, this book is an introduction to Apple's editing software package and the digital video format in general. You will come away with not only an in-depth knowledge of how to use Final Cut Express, but also a deeper understanding of the craft of editing and the underlying technical processes that will serve you well in future projects. Workflow, editing techniques, compositing, special effects, audio tools, and output are explained in clear, jargon-free terms. The book's emphasis is always on using Final Cut Express in the real world, and as such it is the only book to go beyond the interface to address crucial issues like proper setup, system configuration, hardware, the Mac operating system, what equipment to purchase, and troubleshooting common problems. Armed with this information, you will sidestep problems and complete projects of exceptional quality.Decompressing the DV codec source material, then applying the lossless Animation codec, and saving it to disk is a process that will have you looking at the progress ... A clip in a Final Cut Express project is simply a reference to the original media file back in your Scratch Disk folder. ... A Final Cut Express Movie is very similar to a QuickTime Movie; indeed, most applications will see it and treat it as such.

Title:Digital Video Editing with Final Cut Express
Author:Charles Roberts
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2013-01-11


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