Diseases of Man Acquired from His Pets

Diseases of Man Acquired from His Pets

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Diseases of Man Acquired from his Pets provides guideline of the diseases that man may acquire from animals. This book is composed of nine chapters. The chapters are divided broadly into the types of animals kept as pets. This book begins with a general introduction to animal pets. The subsequent chapters deal with diseases acquired from carnivores, birds, and rodents, with a particular emphasis on leptospirosis, which affects rodents, carnivores, farm animals, man and, to a limited extent, birds. These chapters discuss the epidemiology, clinical signs, symptoms and treatment of this infection. These topics are followed by a chapter on Ungulates, which includes farm animals, the occupational hazards of handling large numbers of animals since livestock are in very close contact with the farmer and farm workers. Similarly, the occupational hazards from birds (factory farming) through Newcastle disease, which sometimes affects pet birds (parrots), and other diseases are explored. The remaining chapters concern certain infectious diseases acquired from reptiles, amphibians, fish, and arthropods. This book is of value to practitioners and students, both of human and veterinary medicine, and those interested in animal care.The dog, a€œmana#39;s best frienda#39;, is said to have been domesticated about 60, 000 years ago. ... later, but both the dog and cat enjoy a closer association with man than any other animal and there is either a dog or cat or both in many British homes.

Title:Diseases of Man Acquired from His Pets
Author:B. Bisseru
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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