Disinformation Book of Lists

Disinformation Book of Lists

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Can you name five military leaders who were transgendered? Twelve cases of involuntary human experimentation by the U.S. government? How about the four porn novels written by famous authors, 11 books left out of the Bible and over 50 side effects of NutraSweet that have been reported to the FDA? In 1977, David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace and Amy Wallace published The Book of Lists, causing an immediate sensation. Not only did it lead to three direct sequels (in 1980, 1983 and 1993), it also created a new genre. Soon, shelves were lined with The First Original Unexpurgated Authentic Canadian Book of Lists (1978), The Book of Sports Lists (1979) and Mereditha€™s Book of Bible Lists (1980), among many others. Using this popular, enduring format, Russ Kicka€™s Disinformation Book of Lists delves into the murkier aspects of politics, current events, business, history, science, art and literature, sex, drugs, death and more. Despite such unusual subject matter, this book presents hard, substantiated facts with full references. Among the lists presented: Innocent People Freed from Prison Members of the Skull a Bones Secret Society at Yale Drugs Pulled Off the Market After They Killed Too Many People Legal Substances that Will Get You High Scenes that Were Cut from Movies Raunchy Songs that Were Never Released Military Officers, Government Officials, Astronauts, and Airline Personnel Who Say UFOs Are Real Words and Phrases No Longer Allowed in TextbooksMeanwhile, federal agents have arrested a man for repeatedly making death threats against employees of an Internet ... Carol Liefer observed on Comedy Central that apparently there are a lot of people who want her to have a bigger penis.

Title:Disinformation Book of Lists
Author:Russ Kick
Publisher:Red Wheel Weiser - 2004-06-01


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